As part of Grupo FLOREX, SCOSA uses FLOREX eco-friendly chemical products in its cleaning services. These products are produced through the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Quality Management ISO 9001, Carbon Neutral, Essential Costa Rica country brand and the Bandera Azul Ecológica [Environmetnal Blue Flag].-As part of Grupo FLOREX, SCOSA designs and manufactures specialized chemical cleaning products aimed at meeting the specific requirements set by our customers.

Eco-friendly products
By using FLOREX products, we are aiding our customers in improving their quality of life, while being friendly to the environment. Grupo Florex is the leading Central American company designing and developing products with completely sustainable formulations. Our top-notch products and equipment, combined with the expertise and professionalism of our staff, GUARANTEE the final result demanded by our customers. Our philosophy here at SCOSA, as part of the Grupo FLOREX company group, has always been to ensure the best service for our customers, allowing us to use eco-friendly products, as well as to provide our customers with technical advice and train our staff on the use of products.


What is the point of clean
offices and dirty rivers?


-Solidarity Day: The company organizes what we call ‘Solidarity Day’, consisting in a day in which all of our staff and company management join efforts to aid ‘one of our own’ in improving their housing conditions. This campaign has been successfully held throughout the last four years, meeting goals and expectations.

-Environmental education campaigns We regularly receive student groups who we train on environmental topics.

-Learning to appreciate diversity as an essential part of the company is an enlightening and satisfying process.

-Collective insurance policies From the moment they are hired, all of our employees receive full insurance coverage in case of work-related accidents. The company is exempt from having to submit documentation upon starting the employment relationship.


Learn to value diversity