Cleanliness is an essential requirement for organizations who want to display a positive image and are concerned with good health. Nowadays, companies evaluate many business and performance related aspects, such as reduced absences, greater productivity, customer satisfaction and performance of intangible assets; all of which can be improved through the rendering of adequate cleaning services.

Servicios de Consultoría de Occidente (SCOSA) was founded in 1995, with the firm conviction of providing the domestic market with competitive and comprehensive cleaning solutions that do not have a negative impact on environment.

SCOSA is part of Grupo FLOREX, a company group involved in the marketing and manufacturing of FLOREX eco-friendly cleaning products, and well known for pioneering eco-friendly cleaning services. Presently, we are a well-established company rendering professional cleaning services, green area maintenance services and pest control, to both public and private institutions, and the industrial sector – with its differentiated requirements and high standards – across Costa Rica. 

Throughout our 20 years’ experience in the domestic market, we have proven to be a skilled and efficient company, always at the forefront of the industry.

A Comprehensive Cleaning
and really green


We are a company that researches, designs, manufactures, and markets products and services to improve the quality of life of people, in harmony with the environment.

Being recognized in Central America as a leading company in innovative and eco friendly cleaning solutions.



  • Responsibility: I am aware that I am part of a gear to meet the objectives.
  • Excellence: I do my best in everything.
  • Proactivity: I rise before the events, and take the initiative.
  • Respect: To me the person is important.
  • Consistency: I do what I say. I am the result of my thoughts and actions.


Our philosophy here at SCOSA, as part of the Grupo FLOREX company group, has always been to ensure the best service for our customers, allowing us to use eco-friendly products and acquire vast knowledge of good sustainable cleaning practices.


Servicios de Consultoría de Occidente firmly believes in environmental commitment, demonstrated by its belonging to FLOREX and using their products, which are 100% eco-friendly and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, carbon neutral and Essential Costa Rica country brand.  -SCOSA is committed to having strong social responsibility by actively contributing to the economic and environmental prosperity of our society.  Our company social responsibility goes beyond abiding by laws and standards. Our Social Responsibility Strategy and Social Responsibility Management System is undergoing the submission process to be certified to INTE 35-01-01.


Our company specializes in designing, manufacturing, shipping and distributing eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as in rendering cleaning services, green area maintenance services and pest control, guided by principles of competitiveness, sustainable production, innovation and continuous improvement. All efforts are aimed at providing products and services that exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, preventing environmental pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to the sustainability of our organization in terms of legal requirements and guidelines applicable to the products, services and environmental aspects, and any requirements agreed upon by the organization and interested parties.

Committed to our
wonderful Costa Rica

Our customers

Our customers are our raison d’être, constantly driving us to achieve excellence, deliver high-quality services, commit to good cleaning practices and satisfy the needs of our customers throughout the years.

  • Purdy Motor S.A
  • Empresa de Servicios Públicos Heredia, ESPH
  • Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transporte, MOPT
  • Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social, IMAS
  • Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, INA
  • Prent Thermoforming
    Acueductos y Alcantarillados, AYA
  • Banco Central de Costa Rica, BCCR
  • Municipalidad de Escazú 
  • Among others